• Technical Professional Elites
    Century 3 understands our ever growing reputation and breakthroughs achieved in construction market is built on the collective expertise of our strong technical force and administrative personnel. Through years of development, we have assembled professionals ranging from all engineering disciplines to project managers experienced in various industries. Our team, mostly comprised of employees with overseas education background, has extensive knowledge of construction industry and dedicating attitude towards what we do, providing our clients with the most creative and effective solutions.
  • Cross-Culture Communication

    Our engineering and construction professionals as well as support team members deeply consider the demand that is at the heart of doing business across borders. From design, to construction, to delivery, careful attention is paid to this multi-cultural mix. Our capacity ensures that clients’ expectations and requirement are clearly understood and communicated to suppliers, vendors and to all team members. We believe that efficient and effective communication is the foundation of the clients’ successful project and long term business prosperity.

  • Fully-Licensed in China

    Century 3 has full business licenses in Class A Chemical Engineering, Class B Petro-Chemical Engineering, Class B Pharmaceutical Engineering, Class A Building Design, Class I General Construction, Class II ME Installation, Class II Interior Decoration, Class A Construction Supervision, Class B Municipal Utilities and Chemical Petroleum Engineering Supervision.

  • A Deep Understanding of Construction Market

    Century 3 has a deep understanding of government’s permitting procedures. We develop and maintain productive relationships with authorities and stay aware of state codes and procedures. Our experienced team assists clients in solving legal and regulatory uncertainties to ensure each project milestone meets on time.