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  • Architecture
    Century 3
    offers client consulting and project management in all economic and legal aspects of project execution | Expert contribution to architectural competitions | Concept and strategy consulting
    develops feasibility studies | Location and cost analyzes | Profitability calculations, budget and budget planning | Energy efficiency test | Plausibility checks | Conservation appraisals and conceptions
    advises on location and investment decisions | Procurement management

  • Energy

    Century 3 understands a holistic energy concept as a quality feature in modern planning. In addition to factors of energy efficiency, the use of sustainable building materials is taken into account in planning.

  • Project
    Century 3
    assists in the clarification of project requirements | Scheduling of personnel and companies involved | Setting up a project and business plan | Coordination and control of project participants | Update of the planning goals
    takes over all tasks of the administrative project execution and optimization of the planning goal | Creation and coordination of the program for the overall project | Ensuring the exchange of information between client, architect and construction companies for a smooth project flow | Coordination and control of the processing of financing, promotion and approval procedures
    clarifies the requirements for the use of planners and other experts involved in planning
  • Visualization
    Century 3
    • masters almost unlimited possibilities of 3D visualization and model-based building planning (BIM)
    • is convinced that the content and emotions of an idea are translated by the visualization into a tangible language that is understood around the world
  • Strategic

    Century 3 assists clients in making the best decisions for their business by offering the strategic planning and consulting services needed to ensure project success. We provide an understanding of how location choice affects construction cost and long-term operations. Our extensive knowledge of industrial parks and construction market helps client identify a potential project location and ensure that the site infrastructure and facility meet requirements. 

    Master Planning | Site Selection and Feasibility Study | Site & Facility Due-Diligence Study
    Site & Facility EHS Review | Government Negotiation | Permit Expediting
    Owner’s Representative

  • Procurement

    Century 3 is committed to delivering quality products at the best price for our clients. Our open and transparent communication with equipment vendors, material suppliers, and contractors gives clients direct benefit with the highest standards. Our systematic process of vendor evaluation ensures our suppliers maintain excellent quality. Our procurement team works closely with all the parties involved in the project, ensuring purchases are made with specific attention to the project requirements in a timely manner.

    Procurement & Contracting Execution Planning | Contractor/Vendor Qualification
    Request for Proposals | Proposal Clarification & Evaluation | Inspection
    Materials Management & Control | Expediting | Logistics Coordination
    Purchase Order & Contract Administration | Invoice Administration & Control

  • Engineering

    Century 3’s engineering group provides full engineering services with team members including architectural, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, firefighting, instrument & control, piping, process and safety experts. Through a very talented and dedicated global workforce and the prevalent use of cutting-edge BIM application in design phase, we solve tough engineering challenges, resulting in accurate estimation of cost and schedule, minimization of construction risks, improved space utilization and better quality and safety performance.

    Program of Requirements | Conceptual Design | Basic Design | Preliminary Design
    Detailed Design | Lab Planning & Design | Interior Design
    Building Information Modeling (BIM) | Design Review | Value Engineering

  • Construction

    Century 3 has accomplished many large and complex projects by providing comprehensive construction management service. Our prudently selected team with extensive engineering and construction experiences assures our clients’ facilities are subject to scrutiny at the highest international levels. We prioritize safety goals through solid implementation of EHS strategy. From concept to completion, we serve as the extension of client’s team and closely integrate design and general contracting team under one roof, exerting every effort to solve challenges occurred in every stage of a project.

    Quality Assurance & Control | Construction Administration | Process Equipment Installation Coordination | Start-up & Commissioning | Acceptance & Handover | EHS Management
    Scheduling & Schedule Control | Logistics | Cost Estimating & Cost Control

  • Maintenance
    and Relocation

    Our rich experiences in project execution, maintenance and relocation allow us to assist major manufacturers from diverse industries across the globe through plant improvement, system upgrade, process equipment relocation, and facility maintenance services. Using predictive and preventative maintenance strategy, we monitor and record operational performance to reduce future equipment fault.

  • BIM

    Since 2007, Century 3 started BIM implementation by providing services to a large number of domestic and international projects, receiving high satisfaction from clients. Century 3 BIM team is comprised of highly professional talents from China, Europe and the US. With professional architectural, engineering and construction technical strength and rich experience in diversified projects, Century 3 is committed to advancing the real value-added BIM services over the years and closely integrates BIM technology with architectural, engineering and construction industry, thus making us one of the top companies in the market.